About this lesson.

          At the first weeks I didn’t have any information about how this course could be help to us, but today, I know that this course help me in my professional life. I know a lot of beneficial websites and pages today and I use all of them. I become a teacher; I am sure this lesson helps me in my teacher’s life. Thank you for everything TEACHER!!! I spent very good time in this lesson.

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Creating and publishing a web page

I don’t went to school this week, but I talk with my friends about topics of this week.Our final topics were “weebly”  and “second life”.

I think we learn more about useful websites,all of them are useful.I think I use all of them in my future life.

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Advantages of audioboo

    I do not hear anything about pod casting, but I had knowledge about it last week. Last week we talk about audio boo. I love listening to  audioboo.fm. I think it’s a really great program. Benefit of audioboo is that you can multi task with them. Just put them on loud at home, or listen to them in your MP 3 player and you can combine listening to an audio book with many other tasks. One more advantage of audioboo is that they can be used to improve general literacy. For those people with limited reading skills or dyslexia, listening to audioboo can help them pick up the overall meanings of complete sentences, and identify individual difficult words.  I   enjoy audioboo.fm when I don’t have the time to sit and read I play them like most would a radio.

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Digital Storytelling and Story Jumper

       This week we learned how make digital storytelling and story jumper. I used digital storytelling before, but story jumper new for me.

       I used Story Jumper for creating story. I loved it, and was really quiet. Story Jumper is a site that gives parents, kids, and authors a fun set of intuitive tools for illustrating kids’ stories. On Story Jumper you can create a story that has a plot, character, conflict, theme and setting.  It’s easy for using. Story Jumper can be used by the students to create their own word problems and share them through email or on the class website with their peers. Story Jumper is a safe and educational place for your children.

         Digital storytelling is more difficult than story jumper, in my opinion. I think you can know more information before using this program. I spend more time when I create a story on movie maker, bur story jumper easier. I t think every teacher and use these programs in their professional life.

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Last week we talked about twitter, and Skype. I use both of these programs every day. My family live in Azerbaijan, I talk with Skype with my family. It is my favorite communication program. You can call other Skype users for free anywhere in the world. You just select one from your contacts menu and hit the ‘phone’ button. It is very easy program. As far as public chat you have to know the link to join it. And you have to be allowed. Some chats have different settings by their creator.

     Another advantage of Skype is its ability to make video calls. The brilliant innovation of Skype has made communicating easier and has broken down a number of barriers such as distance, time, and money. I like this program.

       Twitter is a real-time information network. At the heart of Twitter are small bursts of information called Tweets. I use this program in my mobile, use twitter in mobile more interesting than computer 😀

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       I don’t know anything about wiziIQ before this lesson. I think it is one of the useful programs. WizIQ is a platform for anyone and everyone who wants to teach or learn live, online.

      WizIQ is free for students and for teachers. Students research any information which teacher add and learn from them. It is not traditional learning, more interesting and useful from traditional learning. WizIQ puts learners and teachers together regardless of the boundaries and enables live.  I like learning from this way. 😀

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Creating an online classroom


Last week we talk about nicenet and dokeos.Nicenet help to communication among class groups or for subjects and topics.In class the teachers can provide their students with reading materials and information,Students can also enter documents, submit homework,It is useful program,which we can use in class. The other online education program is a dokeos. Dokeos can be used to offer any course which aims to benefit from online education as well as blended learning, in which face to face and online education are mixed.I like both of these programs.

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